Criteria for Data-Request Approval for Non-Profit Trans, LGBTQ,             and Other Organizations 

  • Requestor must currently be affiliated with an organization or institution.
  • Must have a defined project that can be described in detail. 
    • Due to high demand for the dataset at this time, NCTE will not approve use of 2015 USTS data for general exploration without a substantive project that is intended for publication (e.g., students or professors requesting the data for coursework). Research projects for which USTS data is being requested should focus on specific issues and questions rather than general topics. For example, a researcher will not be approved for a project that simply seeks to study a large, undefined topic area, such as “health in transgender communities.” The requestor should instead articulate which aspect(s) of health they are seeking to examine.
    • The 2008-09 National Transgender Discrimination Survey (NTDS) dataset is available for general exploration, such as for coursework. Requestors may complete the NTDS data-request form for such requests.
  • For USTS data requests, must make unique contributions to the field of knowledge about the lives and experiences of transgender people. USTS data requests for projects that are duplicative of those that have been previously approved or conducted will not be approved. Prior to submitting a data request, researchers should review the abstracts posted on the Published and Approved Projects page to determine which projects have previously been approved for use of USTS data. 
  • Must be the principal investigator/lead researcher (or a co-principal investigator/co-lead researcher) on the project for which the data is being requested. 
  • Must list any other organizations/institutions with whom requestor intends to work on the project (e.g., trans, LGBTQ, and non-LGBTQ non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, or other institutions). 
  • Must intend to work on the project within 3 months of requesting the data and complete the project or pursue publication within a defined period of time (up to 2 years from the time the data is received). 
  • Must have plans to release a report on the research findings or publish results in a journal, book, or other medium.
  • Must agree to submit published reports/articles to NCTE for posting on the USTS website or provide a link to or citation for the publication if access to the publication is limited (e.g., the article is only available behind a paywall).
  • Requestors should have the necessary skills or qualified personnel to complete their projects. Access to statistical software for analysis, such as Stata, SPSS, or SAS, is preferred. Exceptions may be made based on an evaluation of the organization’s resources and working relationship with NCTE. NCTE may consider fulfilling requests for analysis from organizations, depending on the scope and scale of the data request and NCTE's available resources. The USTS dataset is available in Stata, SPSS, and SAS formats. The NTDS data is available in Stata and SPSS formats only.
  • Must agree to the terms of use outlined in the data-sharing agreement.


Please note that the USTS and NTDS datasets are proprietary, and NCTE has the discretion to approve or reject any request for access to the data.